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Bulgur tabouli with dried tomato spread

  • 4 people

    4 people

  • 20 minutes and 2h in réfrigérator

    20 minutes and 2h in réfrigérator

  • Difficulty



Ingredients for a starter: 100 g uncooked bulgur, ½ bouquet fresh coriander, 2 small white onions, 1 beautiful tomato, the juice of one lemon, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 can of dried tomato spread, salt and pepper
Boil the bulgur 10 min. drain and let it cool completely. Meanwhile, chop the coriander and onions. Dice the tomato. When the bulgur is ready, gently mix everything with the lemon juice, olive oil, half the can of dried tomato spread, salt and pepper. Put into small individual bowls and top with a dome of dried tomato spread. Chill until serving.
Tip: Make the recipe the morning or the night before. The flavours will taste even more intense.