"La Maison Raymond, a gastronomic institution in Nîmes since 1879, carries on culinary traditions by lovingly making high-quality, authentic-tasting spreads. Discover these unprecedented, inventive new creations!"

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Our commitments

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Maison Raymond has been introducing or re-introducing all the generosity of Mediterranean cuisine with unique, authentic flavours since 1879.
  • Respect for traditions

  •  The pleasure of authentic flavours

  • Products with a home-made image

  •  Awakening taste buds

  • The little culinary plus in your daily dishes

  • Combining enjoyment and balance

  • Healthy products without preservatives or artificial colouring

  • Nutritionally designed products with ingredients from the top of the Mediterranean food pyramid

  • Made only with rapeseed and olive oil, high in Omega 3

  • Carefully selected fresh, natural ingredients

  • Know-how that dates back over 130 years

  • A rigorous approach to quality based on ISO and IFS standards

  • Deep involvement of staff trained in health and safety rules

  • A Research & Development team

  • Creation of new gastronomic concepts

  • Products with new textures and flavours

  • Anticipation of consumer expectations