"La Maison Raymond, a gastronomic institution in Nîmes since 1879, carries on culinary traditions by lovingly making high-quality, authentic-tasting spreads. Discover these unprecedented, inventive new creations!"

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La Maison RAYMOND's authentic, tasty creations celebrate all the conviviality and generosity of Mediterranean cuisine. Famous for its unrivalled know-how since 1879, the Nîmes brand, which specialises in spreads, carries on southern culinary traditions while keeping up with today's trends. At a time when the trend is towards new flavours and taste experiences,  Maison RAYMOND is launching three unprecedented lines of particularly surprising, unexpected culinary preparations: Special Sandwich, Warm Toast and Southern Speciality Recipes. These tasty new treats are happily up with the times! Some of them make sandwiches taste delicious and jazz up dishes in the blink of an eye while others, which are always ready to use, can be enjoyed as they are with an aperitif.