"La Maison Raymond, a gastronomic institution in Nîmes since 1879, carries on culinary traditions by lovingly making high-quality, authentic-tasting spreads. Discover these unprecedented, inventive new creations!"

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Palms with dried tomato spread

Specialities from the South
  • 8 people

    8 people

  • 36 minutes

    36 minutes

Ingredients: 1 can Maison Raymond dried tomato spread and 1 roll of flaky pastry.
Spread out the flaky pastry into a big rectangle and cover entirely with a thick layer of dried tomato spread. Roll up the pastry from one end until reaching the middle. Roll up the other half. Moisten with a little water so that they stick together. Cut into 1/2 cm-wide slices. Put on a floured baking sheet and bake 15 min. at 180°C.