"La Maison Raymond, a gastronomic institution in Nîmes since 1879, carries on culinary traditions by lovingly making high-quality, authentic-tasting spreads. Discover these unprecedented, inventive new creations!"

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Mini-burger with aubergine spread

  • 4 people

    4 people

  • 5 minutes

    5 minutes

  • Difficulty



Ingredients: 1 jar Maison Raymond aubergine spread, 4 hamburger rolls, 4 slices Serrano ham, rocket
1. Spread one of the hamburger roll slices with a generous layer of Maison Raymond aubergine spread
2. Put some thin slices of Serrano ham on the spread.
3. Top with rocket.
4. Put the other slice on top and enjoy with an aperitif!
The little +: Add some drops of olive oil to the aubergine spread.