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Mini-burgers with Crabmeat with 5 peppercorns

  • 2 people

    2 people

  • 10 minutes

    10 minutes

  • Difficulty


Ingredients for 8 mini burgers : 8 mini burgers with sesame, 2 jars of spreadable Crabmeat with 5 peppercorns Maison Raymond, 4 cherry tomatoes, ¼ cucumber and 4 basil leaves

The recipe's steps :

- Separate mini burgers in two part, in the direction of thickness 

- Cut the cherry tomatoes in half after Having passed under cool water

- Finely slice the cucumber without removing the skin 

- Put a nice scoop of spreadable Crabmeat with 5 peppercorns Maison Raymond on the 2 halves dice mini hamburger

- Overcome the basis of one cucumber , one cherry tomato half and one half basil leaf 

- Close the burgers with the other half. Hold with wooden skewers 

- Enjoy

Bonus : Vary the herbs in Using coriander .